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Do I need an aggressive divorce attorney?

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An aggressive divorce attorney is like an aggressive dog. If left unleashed, it can be dangerous, but when properly trained he or she can be a valuable companion. Selecting a divorce attorney can be a daunting and difficult task. You are selecting the individual that will guide you through a difficult and life-changing event that will affect the future of your family and your finances. Many individuals seek attorneys that portray themselves as aggressive divorce or family law lawyers. However, it is important to evaluate all aspects of your case before selecting an attorney to represent you. When going through a...

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The Collaborative Divorce Process Act

DeWitt Law Review is live every Sunday at 10am on WDBO 96.5FM. [su_audio url=""] This week’s topic: Sherri DeWitt takes time to talk about Collaborative Divorce and the Collaborative Divorce Process Act that was passed during this recent Legislative Sessions. Sherri also reviews the PEACE acronym of the divorce process. P - Parenting Issues E - Equitable distribution of all assets and liabilities A - Alimony C - Child Support E - Everything else ...

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Florida lawmakers push for new law that could alter parental custody

Half of all American children will witness the breakup of their parents' marriage, according to divorce statistics. Florida law makers are pushing for a new law that would give parents split custody. It’s a controversial bill that many politicians believe will pass in a matter of time.We decided to take a close look at this new legislation and find out how it could affect your family. "I get them all through the week and he has them on the weekends,” said Sheree Kovocs. Kovocs is going through a divorce and her four children split their time between their mom and dad. Under...

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