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Business Disputes In Divorce

Dividing a Family Business in Divorce Many families own and operate family businesses. Deciding how to handle a family business in a divorce can be a difficult issue. Many factors go into valuing a business and deciding how it should be equitably distributed. Often, the business provides the livelihood for one or both of the parties. The family business may be in the name of one spouse and that spouse may be the primary person responsible for it. However, how a business is named or titled may not be determinative of the issue. A judge presiding over a divorce will ask pertinent questions...

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Ways to Try and Avoid the Courts

We all work very hard for our money and want to be able to hold on to as much of it as possible. The reason most of us work is to be able to take money out of our business and put it into our pocket. Getting involved with the courts is generally expensive. Business people generally find themselves in court either because they are seeking to recover money or damages from a person or entity that has not paid them or has breached a contract or an agreement or has committed some other legal wrong. Or a businessperson can...

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