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Legislative Changes to Alimony in Florida

    Listen to the show: [audio mp3=""] Welcome to another recap of the DeWitt Law Review. This week we spoke about legislative changes to alimony in Florida. Currently, there are two proposed changes, one by the Senate and one by the House, two different...

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The Driver’s License Protection Act (DPPA)

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This week we did a program on the Driver's Privacy Protection Act, that's DPPA. This act protects your private information that you give to the driver's license bureau when you apply for a driver's license, such information as your driver's license photo, or your address and contact information. Federal Law protects this information from being accessed for an improper purpose. Each time your information is either accessed, disclosed or sold, you could be entitled to a minimum of $2,500 per incident, plus attorney's fees. There have been numerous violations...

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