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Legislative Changes to Alimony in Florida

    Listen to the show: [audio mp3=""] Welcome to another recap of the DeWitt Law Review. This week we spoke about legislative changes to alimony in Florida. Currently, there are two proposed changes, one by the Senate and one by the House, two different...

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How to hire the right attorney for your divorce

How do you know who to hire as an attorney to represent you in a divorce? Making that decision can be very critical. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your attorney and that your attorney is responsive to your issues and your concerns. Sit down with your attorney, tell the attorney what you want out of the divorce, how you want things to end up, what your major concerns are, and make sure that attorney is responsive to your major concerns. Forming a good relationship with your attorney, good communication between yourself and your attorney can...

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How is alimony determined in the state of Florida?

Currently there is no set formula for determining alimony in the state of Florida. The legislature is looking at revamping the alimony statute as we make this video. However, right now alimony is based on certain criteria. Those criteria are need and ability to pay. The need of one spouse measured against the ability to pay from the other. And alimony is generally the lesser of one spouses need or the other spouse's ability to pay. So for example, let's say you're the spouse that needs alimony and after calculating all of your income and expenses you see that you...

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How are attorney’s fees handled in a divorce and can I get my attorney’s fees paid by the other side?

How are attorney's fees handled in a divorce and can I get my attorney's fees paid by the other side? Well, that depends. Attorney's fees are recoverable or can be recoverable from your spouse if you have the need for your spouse to pay those attorney's fees and your spouse has the ability to pay them. So need and ability to pay is what determines whether or not any or all of the other side's attorney's fees are paid by the other spouse. Often times, you'll be required to pay your attorney first and then your attorney will seek contribution...

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