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Divorce In Florida

[audio mp3=""] View all of DeWitt Law's Florida Family Law practice areas. Transcription: Speaker 1:        Thanks for listening to WDBO’s Ask the Experts weekend. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and help you out. Ask the Experts weekend on FM 96.5 NewsTalk WDBO.Speaker 2:       Sunday morning. Welcome to the Dewitt Law Review right here every Sunday weekend together at 10 o’clock and we talk about things that are most pertinent in today’s society especially for our listeners of FM 96.5 NewsTalk WDBO. Sherri DeWitt, let’s tell you a little bit about our attorney today. She is a Cornell graduate, an editor...

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Paying Child Support Through The State Is Good For The Payor & Payee

When a family law case concludes and a child support obligation is ordered an income deduction is almost always entered at the same time. Once that income deduction order goes into effect, one person's wages are garnished, that support payment is sent up to Tallahassee, and the State Disbursement Unit processes the payment and sends it down to the recipient. This process is cumbersome and many people do not like it. Most child support payors are offended and embarrassed to learn that their wages will be garnished. Then insult is added to injury when they are required to pay fees to...

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Prohibition On Gay Adoption Is Declared Unconstitutional In Florida

On September 22, 2010 the Third District Court of Appeals found that the law prohibiting homosexual adoption was unconstitutional. While this ruling only controls in a portion of the state of Florida (including Miami), its effects have been extended across the state by Governor Christ. Florida was the only state in the entire country that maintained this type of ban on gay marriage. Other states, like Arkansas and Utah, have also banned gay adoption,...

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