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Condominium and Homeowner Associations: Changes in Florida Law

A vast majority of Floridians live in communities which are governed by condominium and homeowners associations. In July 2010, major changes became effective in the laws affecting these associations. As we speak, the legislature is considering additional statutory changes which could affect the interaction between property owners and these associations. The major changes implemented by the July 2010 legislation address the rights of associations to collect past due assessments. For example, associations can now collect past due assessments directly from tenants who occupy the property subject to unpaid assessments. Associations also now have the power to prohibit owners who...

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Short Sales in Florida & the Impact of Proposed Federal Legislation

When properties sell for less than the mortgage amount, this is called a short sale. Ten years ago, nobody was talking about short sales. This is because banks lent only eighty percent (80%) of the appraised value on property and properties values were stable or were increasing. Today, properties have decreased in value so that many are no longer worth even the 80% the banks loaned on them. To sell these properties, therefore, the owners must ask the lenders to accept a short sale. Proposed HR 6133 would require lenders to act promptly on short sale offers, and to either...

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How To Avoid Losing Your Property In a Tax Deed Sale

INVESTORS BEWARE: HOW TO AVOID LOSING YOUR PROPERTY IN A TAX DEED SALE Many landowners who purchased real property during the years when real estate was the investment of choice are failing to pay the real estate taxes on those properties and are losing them at tax deed sales. Investors may forget about the payment of taxes on these properties and may not receive notice of tax deed sales. This is because notices of past due taxes are often sent to the property address. The property may be vacant land or may be occupied by tenants who do not forward these...

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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: Let Someone Else Do It for You By: Sherri K. DeWitt, Esquire DeWitt Law Firm, P.A. The world is the same size as it was two hundred years ago, but it seems a lot smaller. Individuals are more mobile and business is more global. Communication is now almost immediate. No longer do we have to wait for a ship to cross the ocean to receive correspondence. It can be emailed or faxed in a matter of seconds. The result is that we are all under much more stress. Others expect us to respond immediately to almost all of the...

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