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Real Estate Litigation in Florida

orlando real estate litigation attorneys dewitt law firm

The DeWitt Law is known for its diversified real estate practice, including residential, commercial, and agricultural property closings; lender representation; negotiation and drafting of documents, including contracts and ownership and encumbrance instruments; examination of title and issuance of title insurance; developer representation and condemnation law. We also have access to The Fund and litigate all real estate related issues involving contracts, title issues, tax deeds and quiet title and partition actions.

Florida Foreclosure Defense Litigation

The DeWitt Law Firm has extensive experience helping people through the foreclosure process. Whether you are facing foreclosure or are seeking to foreclose on a piece of property, we can help. We have argued constitutional issues regarding the foreclosure process and have written articles addressing these issues, some of which can be found on our website. Learn more about The DeWitt Law Firm’s foreclosure defense.

Florida Loan Modification Litigation

The DeWitt Law Firm represents individuals seeking to modify loans with financial institutions. From negotiating the modified terms to drafting or reviewing the loan documents, we assist in all aspects of the loan modification process.

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