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How to Minimize Your Alimony Obligation in a Divorce

Alimony in Florida is based upon need and ability to pay. In other words, the court must determine (1) if the spouse requesting alimony has a need and (2) if the spouse paying alimony has the ability to do so. Need is determined by looking at the standard of living during the marriage and the financial resources available to each party, along with other relevant factors. A court usually does this by reviewing the financial affidavits and hearing testimony of the parties. However, the court must evaluate all sources of income available to the parties when evaluating whether alimony is...

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How is alimony determined in the state of Florida?

Currently there is no set formula for determining alimony in the state of Florida. The legislature is looking at revamping the alimony statute as we make this video. However, right now alimony is based on certain criteria. Those criteria are need and ability to pay. The need of one spouse measured against the ability to pay from the other. And alimony is generally the lesser of one spouses need or the other spouse's ability to pay. [mkd_button size="huge" type="solid" target="_self" icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon="fa-balance-scale" font_weight="300" text_transform="none" text="Click to Estimate Alimony with DeWitt Law Firm's Alimony Calculator" link="/divorce/alimony/alimony-calculator/" font_size="20px" margin="25px 0px 25px 0px"] So...

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