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Dispute Resolution

Litigation often can be a lengthy and expensive process. Dispute resolution efforts before suit is filed can save parties money and aggravation. The attorneys at the DeWitt Law Firm are trained in many dispute resolution techniques that have benefited many of our clients. Please contact us if you have a matter you think could benefit from pre-suit dispute resolution efforts, such as a demand letter or pre-suit mediation.


There are many ways to resolve disputes before they go to court. The first is to address the issue in a demand letter. A demand letter is usually written by an attorney to the opposing party stating the issue, advising the opposing party of the client’s position on the issue and requesting a specific form of relief. Demand letters can begin a dialogue, which may lead to a resolution of the matter without the need for court proceedings. The DeWitt Law Firm has extensive experience in writing demand letters and has helped many clients resolve their issues in this manner.


Another way to resolve an issue without going to court is through pre-suit mediation. This is a mediation conducted before anyone files a lawsuit to try to avoid the lengthy and costly litigation process. Mediation can be of the formal or informal variety. An informal mediation generally takes place without a trained mediator and involves only the parties and their attorneys.


In a formal mediation, a trained mediator is retained to help the parties and their attorneys come to resolution of their matter. If mediation is successful, then a mediation agreement is drafted and signed by the parties and the matter is resolved.