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Moses R DeWitt from DeWitt Law Firm on the DeWitt Law Review News 107.3FM WDBO

For nearly a decade, the DeWitt Law Review has been providing Central Florida with the latest legal stories and keeping the public informed about important legal topics. Every Sunday at 10am, the attorneys of the DeWitt Law Firm discuss how Florida’s legal issues affect you on 580AM WDBO. Moses DeWitt and his team of attorneys review the latest legal topics affecting the citizens of Central Florida and take your calls. To ask the DeWitt Law Review team a question, send an email to ask@dewittlaw.com.


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While other legal shows may simply take calls, the DeWitt Law Review attempts to keep the public informed about recent legal changes happening throughout Central Florida and beyond. Moses DeWitt feels that it is important that citizens know their rights and are informed about legal issues that affect their lives. While the legislature is typically in session for only sixty (60) days per year, the law is constantly changing due to case law and opinions that are issued from courts in Florida and throughout the United States. Many of these cases go unnoticed or unreported by media outlets, however, they may substantially impact your rights, family, and future.


The DeWitt Law Review also strives to provide you with interesting guests that give a behind-the-scenes look at what is going on in the Florida legislature and court systems. Past guests include Florida state senators, judges, and other key figures in Florida politics.


The law is constantly changing. Don’t let yourself be left behind. From changes to the tax code to changes in the alimony or injury laws, the DeWitt Law Review helps keep you up to date on the latest legal topics. Additionally, we try to educate and inform you about important everyday topics such as the why you need uninsured motorist coverage and how to protect yourself in a real estate transaction.


You can visit the DeWitt Law Facebook page for live show notifications and to interact with the DeWitt Law Review team. Episodes of the DeWitt Law Review are available on apple podcast and Spotify.

Sherri DeWitt – News 580AM WDBO Legal Analyst

Sherri DeWittSherri DeWitt is proud to be a part of the legal team for News 580AM WDBO. For nearly a decade, Sherri DeWitt has been an integral legal analyst for News 107.3FM WDBO as she provides legal advice and commentary for the news team. With the rise in high profile cases throughout Central Florida, WDBO has relied on Sherri’s legal expertise for the Casey Anthony trial, George Zimmerman trial, and the trial of Noor Salman, the widow of Pulse gunman Omar Mateen. Additionally, Sherri is regularly asked to comment on local and breaking news stories to assist the 580AM WDBO news room.