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Juvenile Crimes and Juvenile Delinquency

As a parent, the last thing you want to face is your child being arrested, but if this unfortunate event does occur it is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Speaking with an attorney sooner, rather than later, may help prevent your child from having a permanent criminal record. Additionally, do not let your child talk to the police, until your child speaks with an attorney.


Once a minor is arrested, they have the right to a detention hearing within 24 hours. At the detention hearing, the attorney may be able to challenge whether the police had probable cause to place the juvenile under arrest, challenge the risk assessment score sheet, and provide mitigating circumstance. These factors will determine whether the Judge allows your child to be released from the juvenile detention facility.


It is always important to have an attorney help guide you through the juvenile justice system. The attorneys at the DeWitt Law Firm realize that being arrested for any crime is an extremely stressful and difficult time. If you need help with a criminal law matter, the criminal defense team of the Dewitt Law Firm would be honored to represent you.