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A paternity case is the legal procedure for establishing the natural and biological father of a child. A paternity action can be filed by either a mother or a father. Once paternity is established by the Court, the birth certificate will be amended as necessary, child support will be awarded, and the Court may or may not address a timesharing schedule.


In many instances the Florida State Department of Revenue will provide representation to a mother seeking to establish paternity. However, this representation does not extend to custody issues and parenting plans. The Department of Revenue will only seek to establish paternity and establish and enforce payment of child support, but they will not provide representation regarding timesharing or visitation schedules.


Personal finances are often dramatically altered as a result of paternity actions. Child support, child support arrearages, and the possibility of paying the other party’s’ attorney’s fees create large financial risks and pressures in these cases. If you have a paternity issue, we would be honored to work zealously toward ensuring that your rights and obligations and the child’s rights are observed appropriately and fairly.

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