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Business Valuation in the event of a Divorce

Some families work very hard in a family owned business. And that family owned business becomes a very important asset in the event of a divorce. That asset needs to be valued. We use professionals that we work with to help value that business. We come up with an overall valuation and then we also have to determine what portion of that business is marital and the value of that marital portion. Things like valuing that assets - the tangible assets, the intangible assets,good will -- all go into valuing the business. ...

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Helping Your Business Succeed – The Legal Way

I've seen all too often that in an effort to get businesses up and running, business owners often throw form invoices, contracts and other business documents together just to have something for customers to sign to evidence the products or services bought or delivered. No one can fault business people for wanting to get on with business. After all, no can come in until the business is up and running. What often happens, however, is that once the business is up and running the business owner forgets that the original invoices and contracts were thrown together hurriedly. Until there is a...

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