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Commercial Transactions: Shareholder Agreements

shareholder agreements attorneyshareholder agreements attorney

The Purchase or Sale Agreement, also known as the Contract, governs the terms of a real estate transaction or corporate purchase between the parties. It is therefore a very important document in determining the legal rights and obligations of the parties. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you should have an attorney review your Purchase and Sale Agreement before you sign it.


If you have any questions regarding the interpretation of a contract after you have signed it, you should consult an attorney for advice regarding your concerns. A consultation may help prevent more serious problems in the future. However, should you face a more serious dispute that involves real estate litigation or issues relating to the contract you have signed, The DeWitt Law Firm can help you address these issues through either the dispute resolution process or in the courts.


The attorneys at the DeWitt Law Firm, P.A. have a great deal of experience reviewing contracts and can advise you regarding the provisions that are particularly applicable to your situation.