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Why you should hire a Marital and Family Law expert.

The Florida Bar restricts attorneys from using the term expert when referring to their area of practice, unless they meet certain criteria.

In order to say that you are an expert in Marital and Family Law (or Divorce Law), you must be practicing for at least 5 years and 50% or more of your practice during the preceding 5 years must be related to marital and family law. Additionally, you must have handled 25 contested marital and family law cases in the 5 years and taken at least 7 cases to trial. An attorney who does not meet these criteria cannot say that he or she is an expert in the area of Marital or Family Law.

While there are many attorneys in Orlando and Central Florida that handle marital and family law cases, not all of them have the same level of training, skills, or experience. An inexperienced attorney could be extraordinarily costly to your case. By ensuring that your attorney is an expert in family and marital law, you know that they have experience litigating family law cases. This means that he or she has the ability to take the case to trial, but understands that trial is not appropriate for all divorce or family law cases. Additionally, an expert divorce attorney will understand the intricacies and nuances that arise in complex family law and divorce cases. While many cases start off as seemingly simple, cases often escalate or become contentious. A Family Law expert knows how to properly address these issues.

At the DeWitt Law Firm, we have attorneys who are proud to call themselves experts in marital and family law. You can rest assured that the divorce attorney handling your case has the skills, training, and experience to take your case to trial, if necessary. While most cases resolved prior to trial, it is our opinion that you get the best results when you are ready, willing, and able to take the case to trial. While many attorneys claim that they handle family law, marital law, and divorce cases, it is important to know that experience makes a huge difference. Utilizing an experienced divorce attorney will save you time and money as you don’t want to be the one paying for an inexperienced attorney to get up to speed. We are proud to say that all of the family law and divorce attorneys at the DeWitt Law Firm qualify to call themselves experts in Family Law and Marital Law.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding a family law or divorce case, please feel free to call our office at (407) 759-3397 and schedule a time to speak with one of our divorce attorneys.