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Why are prenuptial agreements important?

family lawyer
family lawyer

It might be difficult to talk to you potential spouse about a prenuptial agreement but prenuptial agreements can be very important, especially to people who have assets going into a marriage that they want to be protected or for example, if you have children from another relationship when you’re going into a new marriage a prenuptial agreement can be very important.

Prenuptial agreements identify which assets and liabilities you have before the marriage so that in the event of a divorce for example, it’s clear that those assets are non-marital. A prenuptial agreement can also talk about and make provisions for alimony, limit alimony, and other assets, distributions of assets and liabilities. This is a case where you need to sit together with your potential spouse and agree on the provisions for the prenuptial agreement.

If you’re in agreement that there’s a prenuptial agreement that should be made, please contact us and we can help you draft that agreement and get it signed properly so that it will be enforceable in a court of law.