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Marital Assets and Marital Debt

In Florida, for the most part, all marital assets and marital debts are divided 50/50, no matter who’s name the asset or the debt may be in.

If you accumulated an asset during the course of the marriage, as a result of efforts expended during the marriage then that asset is in all likelihood going to be marital even if it’s only in your name and you’ll have to divide it 50/50 with your spouse. Similarly, with marital debts. If a debt was accumulated during the marriage, it doesn’t matter whose name it is in, it is likely to be a marital debt and you may be responsible for it vise-a-vie your spouse for half of that debt. Now if one spouse only signs a note or debt with a creditor, then that spouse alone is liable to the creditor but between you and your spouse, your 50% responsible for the debt.

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