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Lease Agreements

A lease is a particular form of an agreement. Its terms govern the relationship between the parties who enter into it and their legal rights and responsibilities. It is important, therefore, that before entering into a lease, you review its terms with an attorney who can explain to you the legal effect of its various provisions.


The DeWitt Law Firm can help to draft any type of lease and can review any proposed lease agreement with you. Since our experience includes drafting and litigating various lease agreements and provisions, we are particularly familiar with those lease provisions that often pose the most potential for future disputes and can draft your leases to maximize your chance of avoiding those types of difficulties.

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There are many types of leases. For example, there are:


  • Commercial and Residential leases for real estate
  • Leases for the rental of equipment or automobiles
  • Business Leases
  • Sublease agreements