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Valuations and Taxation

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Valuation and taxation issues go hand in hand with the ownership of real property. With government entities, municipalities and counties struggling financially, they are turning increasingly to real property owners to improve their tax base.


Sometimes property owners disagree with the assessed value of their property or with the designation of the property’s tax category. These are the types of valuation and taxation issues the DeWitt Law Firm handles.


The DeWitt Law Firm represents property owners facing valuation and/or taxation issues on residential, commercial, and agricultural property. We appear with our clients at valuation and taxation hearings and work with our clients to prepare presentations advocating their positions.


Sherri DeWitt served on the Value Adjustment Board for Orange County, Florida from 2005- 2009. She acted as a hearing officer for the Value Adjustment Board, hearing valuation and taxation issues and making findings and recommendations concerning the matters that were argued before her.


If you have a taxation or valuation issue, please consider letting the DeWitt Law Firm use its experience to help you.